At E3, we hope to someday create a similar impact as Onnit. This company is all about Total Human Optimization and has impacted our ethos in a profound way. It's not just about fitness. It's about becoming the best version of YOURSELF through fitness, nutrition, relationships, community and overall GROWTH. At E3, we are official affiliates for Onnit Academy and are huge advocates of their products and supplements.



Swanwick Sleep was founded in 2015 by Australian brothers, James and Tristan Swanwick. James noticed there were a handful of blue light blocking options on the market including safety goggles with a yellow lens, ski goggles, and protective eyewear. But they were all ugly. James is pretty vain. He didn’t want to wear them. And he later discovered the options on the market didn’t block enough blue light responsible for disrupting sleep.

In 2015, Apple brought out the “Nightshift” feature on its iPhone which can reduce some blue light. The computer app f.lux was released and helps reduce blue light on a laptop, too. But, neither blocked enough of the blue blight responsible for poor sleep. In addition, neither can block blue light from TV screens or common household lights. So James decided to make a pair of stylish blue light blocking glasses. Today, more than 35,000 happy customers have slept better because of Swannies blue light blocking glasses.


Jibs shoes

Founded in the summer of New York City, Jibs Life is the result of our passion for life, style and travel and a reflection of the values we hold high; adventure, life energy, and the excitement of discovery.

Our journey of discovery led us to create The Jib; a perforated leather slip-on shoe that reigns from tropical Brazil. The shoe strikes a balance between simplicity and classic style that meets head on with contemporary flair and comfort; this means we stride in style, comfort and color, with the wind between our toes. From nautical to neutral, with shiny in between, we know you’ll find your perfect, endless summering shoe, here in our collection.

With great love and laughter your Jibs are hand-crafted in the beautiful backdrop of Três Coroas, on the southern tip of Brazil. We are ever grateful to work with an intimate family run factory where not only are your shoes built with care, but all earnings the factory receives are incredibly impactful in strengthening their local economy.

Jibs Life offers three classic slip-on styles of the perfect perforated leather shoe: Classic Jib, High Top Jib, Slim Jib. With a light-weight recycled PVC out-sole and memory foam in-sole, the un-lined authentic perforated leather upper softly molds to fit each foot's natural shape.

Essence Nutrition Pic.jpg

Essence nutrition

At E3, we believe strongly in collaborating with like-minded, top notch professionals. We are grateful for the opportunity to work with Monica Auslander Moreno and her Essence Nutrition team. At Essence Nutrition, they practice client-centered work, so they'll work within YOUR food world; not a "prescription" you can find online. 

Essence Nutrition Credentials Include:

  • Official Dietitian of the Miami Marlins

  • Dietitian Consultant for Del Monte Fresh Produce

  • Dietitian Consultant for Ocean Reef Resort and Club and Soho Beach House