Private Coaching

If you are truly looking to take your health and longevity to the next level, then Private Coaching is the best option for YOU. Before we get started, we'll need to gain an understanding of your current lifestyle: fitness, nutrition, sleep, stress, and any other limiting factors. Then comes your specific goals and aspirations. Where do you want this journey to take YOU? The primary objective is to develop a plan of action that will put YOU in the best position to succeed.


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monthly membership

This plan is great for taking your training to the next level. As an FMS Level 2 practitioner and FRC Mobility Specialist, we will perform a detailed movement assessment to discover strengths, weaknesses, and any imbalances you may have. After that, we will begin a customized training program for YOUR needs and goals.

Membership Features:

  • Full Movement and Joint Assessment

  • Customized Corrective Program

  • Personalized Travel Program

  • Monthly Progress Evaluation

  • 10 Training Sessions (1 hour each)


GolD card membership

This plan is ideal for taking your fitness, nutrition, AND recovery to new heights. As a Certified Precision Exercise Nutritionist, we are experienced at creating specific nutrition plans based on your needs. In addition, we have partnered with Raw Republic, Mela Therapeutics, Mellman Chiropractic and JAWS Podiatry to fully optimize your performance and longevity.

Gold Card Features: (includes all Tier 1 benefits)

  • Unlimited Training Sessions

  • 24/7 On-Demand Service

  • Train While You Travel

  • Nutritional Assessment and Guidance

  • Weekly Grocery Shopping and Meal Prep

  • Monthly Massage with Mela Therapeutics

  • Monthly Membership to Mellman Chiropractic

  • One Fresh-Pressed Juice From Raw Republic Per Workout

  • Complimentary Foot and Ankle Assessment by Dr. Abraham Wagner of JAWS Podiatry