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At E3, we truly believe in the value of collaborating with other brands that align well with our VALUES. We are truly fortunate to work alongside incredible companies like LuluLemon, Almond Pro, and Onnit Academy. The primary purpose of these relationships is to create more value for our clients and IMPACT more people in the community through health and wellness.


almond pro 

As the industry leaders in developing high protein almond products, Almond Pro products are all made from natural ingredients free of GMO’s, artificial sweeteners, fillers, or gluten. Besides being completely organic, it also contains twice the amount of protein and 65% less fat than regular almond flour. There is no better way to fuel a post-workout shake than with Almond Pro!


onnit academy

At E3, we hope to someday create a similar impact as Onnit. This company is all about Total Human Optimization and has impacted our ethos in a profound way. It's not just about fitness. It's about becoming the best version of YOURSELF through fitness, nutrition, relationships, community and overall GROWTH. At E3, we are official affiliates for Onnit Academy and are huge advocates of their products and supplements. 



Lululemon is a huge advocate for community collaboration and providing its clients with an elite product that allows its athletes to be comfortable while performing any athletics event.