Love and Praise

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Travis howard

"As a player in the NFL, I've always needed to train hard for speed and strength. But Jeremy helped open my eyes to the importance of also training my nervous system.

He has improved my mental awareness by always introducing new and challenging exercises that force me to stay hyper focused and mentally engaged. He has definitely taken my game and body to the next level!"

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Nicole Vega

"Jeremy designed an incredibly dynamic fitness program fit to my exact needs. 2 years of physical therapy didn’t come close to healing and strengthening me the way Jeremy has been able to. I’m so grateful for his ability to mold each workout to specifically meet my goals."

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Joe ackerman

"When Jeremy and I spoke about our goals, my main objective was to be able to continue playing soccer without getting hurt. I must say, it's been almost a year since we started, and I've gotten much more than I bargained for. Not only is his energy infectious and inspiring, but he genuinely cares about getting my mind and body in the best shape possible. I haven't moved this well in years and my knees and lower back aren't hurting. I might be 45, but Jeremy has me feeling like a kid again!"


Brooke Rosenblum

"Immensely grateful to have Jeremy as a part of our community. He goes beyond the scope of what one would usually perceive a trainer to be because of his ability to share wisdom on the whole person, not just the physical system. This is an individual with a good heart, open mind, and passion for his purpose on this planet.

Training with Jeremy is always fun and a unique experience. Combine the mobility training with all of his tips on positive mindset and you’ve got yourself a recipe for a life well lived. If you’re looking for someone to inspire you, light the way and help shake things up, then here you have a one of a kind lighthouse. This guy isn’t someone you just pass by!

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Cathie kessler

"When I met Jeremy I was recovering from a lower back injury which resulted in chronic low-back pain and limited hip mobility. Jeremy has helped me overcome these two issues by providing me with various hip mobility and strengthening exercises. He is always prompt, professional, and a lot of fun!"

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Deborah Hodes

"Jeremy is one of the finest humans I know. He's kind, considerate, patient, and charitable. He always shows up with a smile and has a special energy about him. He's hungry for knowledge and passes all of the information to his clients. I trust him implicitly. Secondly, he's an amazing trainer. Having been a former ballet dancer, I was very capable mover, but always saw training as a necessary evil. I've tried several other trainers in the past, but would always get bored. Jeremy changed all of that. He always keeps things fresh and challenging, that leaves me wanting more. Most importantly, I feel and look better than ever!"

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Valeska Burnside

"I never enjoyed working out until I started training with Jeremy. He always motivates me to give 100% on everything we do. His knowledge in fitness and nutrition has really rubbed off on me in a powerful way.

These lifestyle changes have me feeling more mobile and energetic throughout the day. If you want to work with an amazing trainer and even better person, you NEED to train with Jeremy!"

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Janet & ana

"Before meeting Jeremy, we had very little knowledge on proper form and mechanics. His patience and attention to detail has really helped us gain flexibility and strength while keeping us injury-free. We’ve also never met someone who has so much energy so early in the morning!"

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Jesse gimelstein

"I've been training with Jeremy 3 times a week for the past 6 months. While my body fat has plummeted and I've gotten stronger, my energy levels have increased tremendously. The combination of his kick-ass workouts and nutritional advice have gotten my body to a level it has never been before. I highly recommend using Jeremy as a trainer and/or consultant."