Trainer Tip Tuesday: The Bent Over Row

Happy Tuesday Fam!

At E3, we want to emphasize the importance of proper form and mechanics when performing specific movements, especially when under load. Here is a common exercise that is often done incorrectly: The Bent Over Row.

It is absolutely critical to maintain a strong core and neutral spine (flat back) throughout the exercise. We do this by controlling the eccentric portion of the movement (weight coming down) and continuing to drive our butt back. If we allow the weight to bring our arm down, then our shoulder is put in a vulnerable position and our core loses its engagement, which will likely lead to future pain and/or injury.

Check out this video of Coach Jeremy as he demonstrates the correct and incorrect way to perform the Bent Over Row. Please message us with any questions and/or leave a comment below. We are always trying to get better and provide you with useful tips and content!




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