Mobility Monday: Love Your Feet

While shoes and footwear have become a $20 billion industry, rates of back pain and lower extremity injuries have never been higher. We are spending money on these foot braces that are having detrimental effects on our feet, joint alignment, and overall movement quality.

We could speak about this all day, but let's keep things short and sweet. One of the biggest issues with most shoes, are the elevated and cushioned heels, which apparently provide "support." The problem with this structure is that it forces our feet to always be in a plantar-flexed position with our ankle (Toe pointed down). This essentially means we're constantly walking downhill, which puts a lot of unwanted tension on our ankle, knee, and hip joints. 

The Slant Board is a great tool we use to create more synergy with the foot and ankle joint. Because of its adjustable incline angle, we are able to put the ankle in a dorsi-flexed position, which will help reverse some of the foot brace problems.

You're probably wondering what shoes you should be wearing and exercises you should be doing to take control of your feet. Have no fear, E3 is here!

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Jeremy AbramsonComment